Giving the gift of life


Written by his mother, Darran Saunders

On 14th April 2012 Connor’s life was taken by one punch in an unprovoked attack. He was just 19. He signed the organ donor register at 16 years of age. He would have taken an organ so why would he not give one? Connor has saved five lives and enhanced the life of a ten-month-old baby with his heart valve. Connor is our Hero and truly made our world a better place.

Connor came into the world and made our family complete. He is a son, brother, brother-in-law, boyfriend, grandson, great grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. When he walked into a room he was noticed. He was kind, gentle, loving, loyal, compassionate, respectful, caring, funny and was always smiling. Connor loved football and was a centre half; he enjoyed his golf, the gym and being around his loved ones. He was a doer and believed with hard work you could achieve your dreams. He loved life and life loved him.

My daughter, Courtney, and I wanted to gain confidence in speaking in public regarding organ donation so we both signed up and attended Live Life Give Life’s Speakers course in 2013. This was the first time we had met some transplant recipients which was truly inspiring. It made it clear to us how right we were in honouring Connor’s wishes to donate his organs. We can’t express how much that day meant to us as a family. So when we were asked to be Advocates we were filled with pride and said yes straight away. We are so proud to be advocates so we can help to keep raising awareness and be part of such an amazing charity.

We as a family are forever broken without Connor and we wish more than anything that we could have him home where he belongs. It truly warms our broken hearts that because of Connor’s selfless decision to become a donor he gave six people the greatest gift he could have done: life. We will always raise awareness for organ donation and how truly important it is. Anyone can become someone’s hero - just as our Connor did.

He is the glue that holds our family together and we will continue to make him proud until the day we meet him again.

Connor’s Mum and Sister
 xoxo 5 is alive

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Giving the gift of life


Giving the gift of life



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