Simon Howell


My name is Simon.  I am 41 and a hospital doctor.  I have a wonderful wife, two amazing little children ... and end stage renal failure. 

I received one kidney transplant previously, but it only lasted four years.  Although a kidney transplant is neither a total nor permanent cure, I know first-hand how life-transforming it can be; that it takes away the limbo of waiting on tiresome, painful, dreadfully life-dominating dialysis, and releases one to live life with energy and the ability to make plans and dream dreams for many extra years.

I am hopeful I can make a difference working with LLGL.  It's a pity I cannot battle illnesses in the way I trained to help others, but hopefully this will be a way in which I can still make a difference.

If you want to know more of my story (in fact a 14-hour film of a day-in-the-life of me), check out

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