Sarah Ilic


My name is Sarah.  I am happily married with a daughter in her 20s and a gorgeous dog.  

I was diagnosed with the chronic auto-immune disease, Lupus, 23 years ago.  The disease affected my joints and my kidneys and was extremely painful and debilitating.  My husband cared for me and took over most of the childcare duties.

I have had two kidney transplants; the first one (ten years ago) failed and I was on Peritoneal dialysis for almost six years.  In 2009 I had a live unrelated kidney transplant which worked straight away, giving me a new lease of life.

I became involved with LLGL when I was asked to take part in a Donor Day campaign at the beginning of 2009. A year or so later I was asked to help out with distributing the t-shirts and materials for fundraising events.  I was pleased to help and be part of such a worthwhile charity.

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