Mandy Venters


I have been privileged to be part of LLGL since 2009, following a successful kidney transplant in 2007.  I spent nearly six years on Peritoneal Dialysis so I truly appreciate the wonderful gift that my donor and their family gave me.

In 2012 my brother, Ian, needed a liver transplant due to an autoimmune disease.  His gift of life came at the 11th hour.  If his donor and their family had not made that brave decision, he would not be with us, leading a normal life.

Completing my unusual family story of transplant is my other brother, Bruce, who gave me a kidney in 2002; sadly it did not last due to post-operative complications.  He is part of that special group of people who selflessly donate a kidney to family, friends or even strangers.

In addition to being Chairman, I am a member of the Imperial College NHS 
Healthcare Trust Clinical Ethics Committee and have recently been co-opted on to the British Transplant Society Ethics Committee for a second term.  I also enjoy finding research projects for the charity to support which aim to enable more people to benefit from transplantation

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