Charlotte Davies


I'm Charlotte and I'm 20 years old.  I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was three weeks old. Throughout my childhood I suffered with low weight and lung function as a result of continuous chest infections requiring intravenous antibiotics.  In my teens my health and lung function declined dramatically.  I used oxygen and a wheelchair and was told that my only chance of survival would be to receive new lungs.

I went on the transplant list at the age of 17 with a lung function of 19% and waited ten months for my call.  I was in Harefield Hospital for three weeks and came home a week before my 18th birthday (what a present!).  Since my transplant I have returned to college and plan to go to university later this year.  I have holidayed abroad and made amazing memories with my family and friends.

My donor not only saved my life but is making my dreams come true; she and her family will always be in my heart.  If she hadn't signed the donor register her family may not had said yes and I might not be here now.  I want to educate people about organ donation and convince them to sign up because of my story.  If just one person does so then I've done my job. 

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