Alexandra Sullivan


I am one of four children within my family.  My sister and I are extremely close in age and were both mysteriously diagnosed with Liver Disease at the age of two.

My sister received her life saving transplant at the tender age of six and is doing really well.  I received my first liver transplant at the age of eight and was grateful for four years of good living.  My second transplant came in 1998, just in time: within one week of being admitted to hospital, I was bedridden and could barely see; my body was shutting down.  

Organ donation is the greatest gift you could ever give.  My two “gifts” have allowed me to live a full and active life. I married my best friend in 2010 and, most amazing of all, gave birth to my son, Albie, in 2011.  

The message I’d like to spread in my role as an advocate is that organ donation saves lives and makes lives.

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